‘Stay with Me, Stay with Me’: Witness Describes the Scene Outside Orlando Gay Nightclub During Mass Shooting

‘Stay with Me, Stay with Me’: Witness Describes the Scene Outside Orlando Gay Nightclub During Mass Shooting

As people fled from a gunman inside a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday, one witness tells PEOPLE it was “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“So many people were hurt,” 29-year-old Antonio (no last name was given) says.

“Me and my friends were out in the parking lot. We were just leaving,” he says. “We heard this sound that I thought was the beat of the music inside. And then people started running out the front door. All hell broke loose.”

Along with the screams, Antonio says he saw one woman “who was holding her shoulder and her hand was covered in blood, she wasn’t screaming or making any noise, just walking out staring straight ahead,” as another woman helped her walk.

He says he saw a man stepped on as he tripped and fell. And he says he saw a man who had run outside stop and scream back at the door, “Michael! Michael!”

Outside the club, the victims tended to one another, Antonio says.

“A guy walked past and said, ‘Help, help. I think I’ve been shot,’ ” he says. “These other guys ran up and tried to stop the bleeding. They were putting their clothes on it to stop the bleeding.

“People were taking off their shirts and using them to stop the bleeding.”

And in the parking lot, Antonio says, “a guy was lying on the ground and two women were kneeling over him, telling him, ‘Stay with me. Stay with me.’ ”

Authorities do not yet know a motive in the shooting, which they say killed at least 20 people and hospitalized at least 42. The unidentified suspect was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police.

Police say they are considering the shooting an act of terrorism.


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