Why Airopay decided to sponsor ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ — Oyakhilome

Oyakhilome (middle), Ayeni (right)

Charles Oyakhilome, CEO, Airopay, has disclosed why his company decided to sponsor the return of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Nigeria’ which will return to television screens on Sunday, September 3.

“First of all, WWTBAM is an established brand,” he said, while addressing journalists at the sponsorship signing.

“It’s also a way of giving back to the society. Apparently, a winner would go home with a lot of money which would change  the life of such an individual totally,” he added.

Oyakhilome spoke further: “It’s also a way of introducing a new product to the country. A product that can make life easier for people. A new product which is the Airopay app. These days, remittance is quite expensive. We have quite unique products, you know. You’re in London, you’re in America, you want to buy airtime, you have the app that can do all these for you. You don’t have to exchange naira, buy dollar to go to America, you go with your app and shop with it abroad.  And if you look at the payment systems brands that are already established, we are better than them because we are global.”

While he signed the contract on behalf of Airopay, Femi Ayeni, Ultima CEO, signed on behalf of Ultima, and he said of their partnership: “People will use our services and of course anybody who goes into business would make more money. As we begin this project, we expect that whosoever  wants to do transactions would use our app. And it is not only about us, but also our customers. Our app functions outside the country. You can use it to transact business in a lot of countries outside Nigeria. It’s the first of its kind in Africa. We will also introduce voice on transfer and you will be able to send money in your local dialect.”

He also confirmed he’s related to Pastor Oyakhilome, saying, “Yes, we are. He’s my pastor and we’re also from the same community. We are related by blood and our surname is our family name.”


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