Amotekun, our pride: Jimoh Ibrahim’s self-immolation

By Olalekan Osiade
I have just read Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim’s tantrum on Amotekun and I dare say that the piece is not just a disservice to the excellent efforts put together by the people of Yoruba nation, but also a clandestine attempt by the self-styled corporate surgeon, to paint the efforts aimed at institutionalising the South West regional security force, Amotekun, in bad light.
In his unwarranted vituperations against the yeoman’s job of the Yoruba governors and leaders of the South West, Jimoh Ibrahim curiously tried to put Amotekun in the fold of secessionist movements like Biafra.
He also tried to put his readers in wilderness of comprehension by taking a voyage into the historical feudalism of fallen European and Asian empires. A needless sojourn.
I must say that the self-acclaimed corporate surgeon missed the point and failed woefully to justify his opprobrium.
The selfstyled turn-around enterprenuer could have easily juxtaposed the impact of the current security apparatus against what was obtainable under the regional government.
He could have as well related it with modern day developments where states enjoy the services of their own security outfits.
This would have easily given him the basic understanding that the clamour for a regional security force in the mould of Amotekun is to reinforce the demand for regionalism and the call for true federalism.
In Nigeria, we operate a unitary system that inflicts burdens on some sections and protects others to the detriment of the whole while promoting ethnicity and tribalism.
The United States that he is always quick to reference operates a federation whereby each state constitutes it’s own police and even operates a system that allows a Supreme Court at the state level.
A simple check and comparison as well as a look into the proposal would have given Ibrahim an insight rather than taking himself into publicĀ  ridicule.
Relating the Ooni of Ife’s religion with others under a security analysis is nothing but the proverbial futile attempt at watching a crab go to sleep.
The earlier we stopped playing to the gallery to satisfy the present-day feudal lords or to be politically correct, the better for the Yoruba race.
Having gone on self exile, apparently to take the focus of the Buhari administration off the radar, the Dubai returnee is now seeking attention through a wrong channel, with an attack on the Yoruba race.
I guess my former employer has taken too long off the shores of Nigeria to know the extent of the damage done to the South West by rampaging Fulani herdsmen.
As enlightened as Jimoh Ibrahim is, he ought to know that we have to move with modern trends and away from the parochial mindset of the old order.
Speaking in unison is for the betterment of our common patrimony rather than looking for a way to worm himself into the hearts of his Abuja lords.
Can those close to the owner of dead companies please tell him that Amotekun is not in anyway a clamour for secession neither is it a ploy to back the call for Oduduwa Republic.
At his level, and with his connections, Jimoh Ibrahim ought to have access to the decision makers in the South West?
His voice could have been better heard if he had traveled a different route rather than this public show of shame.
May I reiterate into the ears of the so-called billionaire that Amotekun is not in any way a ploy to have sovereignty within a sovereign state but a call for regional security force that could in future, guarantee regionalism and true federalism.
Osiade, an Assistant Editor with New Telegraph, wrote in from Lagos.

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