Bayelsa FA election a sham, says aspirant


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Monimichelle Sports Facility Construction Ltd, and a top contender in the Bayelsa State Football Association (FA) chairmanship, Mr. Ebi Ezekiel Egbe, has urged the leadership of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), to reject the outcome of the June 10, FA election results, alleging that the election was marred with irregularities.

Mr. Egbe, made the call through a four-page protest letter to the President of the football federation on Thursday, in Yenagoa. According to him, the election was manipulated, as fake delegates were allowed to vote.

He also faulted the alleged partisan and fraudulent collaboration by the CAF official in the state, Dr. Peter Fabuku Singabele with other F.A officials to hold on to power at all cost, adding that if he was beaten in a free and fair contest with no form of manipulation he would not have had problems with the process.

“I expected Singabele as an elder statesman to play a fatherly role and stand neutral in all of these, but he ended up ganging up with the FA officials to manipulate the electoral process. He (Singabele) was the architect of what happened today and he did what he did because he is scared that my emergence as FA chairman would diminish his influence in Bayelsa football,”

He further stated that the alleged Kangaroo arrangement election was hurriedly done in a “shameless” manner where delegates who ought to have voted were barred and journalists prevented from covering the process, adding that he is in the race to ensure Bayelsans benefit maximally as other states benefit from their F.As.

He alleged that the delegates list was never made public before or at the election venue while different names were changed at will by the election umpires, arguing that the entire electoral proceeding was designed and manipulatively to favour Mr Poubeni Ogun (the incumbent Chairman of BYSFA) and the candidates he supports.

“The entire process was like a daylight robbery. Can you conduct a delegate election without making the lists of eligible voters available? Then names were changed at will by the eleco. I therefore call for the total cancellation of the whole process and your intervention is urgently needed to forestall the enthronement of anti-democratic tactics in football governance in the Bayelsa state football Association”



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