Brazilian writer, Raphael Bruno launches 109th book

One of Bruno’s works
Brazilian actor, comedian and journalist, Raphael Bruno, has launched his 109th literary work, Morning Mail has learnt.
Bruno, also a poet, humorist and composer with more than 200 songs, launched his latest work on e-book Vida de Jeca.
The author of Penedo, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has already sold his works in France, Germany, USA, England, India, Japan, Australia, Spain and throughout Brazil.
He was born in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, on June 30, 1983.
With his eclectic style, he acts, improvises and scripts his videos on the internet. In 2019, he was a finalist in the Olho Vivo Award in the internet category. In 2018, the versatile artist was a finalist in the poet and books category with e-book Marketing. In 2020, he was nominated in the actor and poet category. He won the award for best comedian at the Andrelândia Community Radio Festival.
Another literary work by the poet, humorist and writer
His first literary work was with the book Musicas e Poesias, in 2016. In the following year, he created his humor channel that bears his name by joining followers from all over the country.
With great skill in writing, he created several anecdotes.
Bruno has also written numerous phrases of optimism, chronicles, materials, poetry and scripts. In addition to idealizing several characters.
In 2014 and 2015 it had its program on local radio, with the name of Coração pra Coração (success in the city). In 2018 he was a commentator for the radio Frenética Web. This year he was a commentator for Rádio Capital 777 and currently works as a reporter for Rádio Tropical AM, in the program Falando Geral. His first radio appearance was in 2003 in the extinct Chacrinha da Real telling a joke.
With such creativity, Raphael decided to put his ideas into practice and he never stopped.
His works are found on Amazon, Perse, Saraiva, Livrorama and Clube dos Autores.

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