Consortium tasks Nigerians abroad on leadership, business excellence


Nigerians living in the United Kingdom ( UK) have been challenged on developing their leadership qualities and to also get out of their comfort zones in order to take their businesses and careers to the next levels.

Dayo Olomu, one of UK’s motivational, branding and leadership experts, tasked attendees at Saturday’s “Invent Your World and Make It Happen in 2017,” to stretch themselves , so as to become successful in their chosen professions and businesses.
Speaking under the aegis of The African Professional Speakers Academy and the Nigerian Trainers and Speakers Consortium UK, Olomu , who spoke alongside five of his colleagues, charged the audience to get out of their
comfort zones and reach their potentials.

According to him, one of the keys to becoming leaders in your chosen field is “to seek out successful people ,” in your line of career and business and “to ask them how they made it.”

This, he said, could either be through reading their books, listening to their speeches or approaching them directly
when the opportunities present themselves. The award winning author and branding expert also tasked them not to allow their past or whatever they consider as limitations, hold them back.
Using the story of his life to further motivate the audience, Olomu, who lost his father at childhood and was therefore forced to eke out a living by hawking on the streets of Agege in Lagos, where he grew up, told the audience to be ambitious in reaching for their life goals.
Lydia Akinwunmi , a career and business coach with expertise for the over 50s, opened proceedings of the day at the Stratford City Holiday Inn , venue of the event, challenging the audience to stretch themselves mentally and pay the price to succeed if they were serious at taking their businesses and careers to the next levels. She also pointed to the need for them to have self belief that they can succeed in whatever they set out to do.

Akinwunmi, also urged them to always make pre- decisions so as to be able to withstand whatever obstacles
stand in their ways in the course of pursuing their goals.
Success coach, Joe Oluwa, focussed on emotional intelligence, stressing the need for anyone aiming for success to be passionate about whatever they were doing. He also highlighted the need to collaborate with others , noting that “synergy,” is the key to winning, as no tree can make a forest and that no man can be an island to himself.
Customer service expert, Bukola Olofinjana , was in her groove, as she gave a masterclass on delivering excellent customer service. She told the audience to treat their customers’ complaints as a “gift,” and as such, they should be responsive and appreciate clients who complain, rather than treat them with hostility.
Parenting expert and an award wining author herself , Yetunde Adeshile’s presentation was on “Transform for Action,” and she did not disappoint. She charged attendees on the need to take actions in seven areas – physical , spiritual and emotional, among others – of their lives, in order to experience the transformation they desire.
Tunde Oyedoyin, who combines his brief as the London correspondent of the Guardian newspaper with his personal finance expertise , spoke on “Make a fresh start with your personal finance.” He noted that the
British society is not only a capitalist society , but a credit oriented one, and as such, attendees were challenged on cleaning up their “credit footprints.”
Celebrity photographer and online publisher , Jermaine Sanyaolu, stressed the importance of maintaining a virtual presence in today’s world , while Tola Ayeni anchored brilliantly , alongside her brief of introducing each of the speakers.

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