Consumers lambast Jos power distribution company

Jos Electricity Distribution Company

With both hands, consumers on Wednesday seized the opportunity of an interactive session with the Management of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED Plc) to speak on what they regard as its gross incompetence.

The complaints ranged from inefficient services, to mindless extortion of consumers and acts of outright cruelty in billing.

The interactive session was witnessed bt officials of relevant regulatory bodies like the National Electricity Management Service Agency, NEMSA, and the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC.

Most of the consumers expressed disgust at the activities of the distribution company.

They complained of outrageous billing, supply of low voltage and non-friendly nature of the company staff to customers, among others.

Many complained that in their desire to have light connected to their homes, they approached the company but could not do something about it, leaving them to make community contributions for the purchase of wires and poles. They then paid staff of the company to be connected.

They were astonished when the company served them huge bills thereafter.

Others said they had been faced with a system where complaints of destroyed poles were made to the staff who did not even show any concern.

The customers also viewed as unacceptable, the manner the company has been extorting money from the public before prepaid metres were installed for them. They  also decried that some of the metres were not properly calibrated, making it to be reading while power is even off.

In addition,  many raised eyebrow on why bills are constantly charged on unoccupied buildings or on those whose lights were disconnected for months.

Meanwhile the management promised that efforts were on to sanitise the system to further improve on its services, saying they had already secured approval from NEMSA to begin the distribution of metres to customers, and as well put in place stiff measures against fraudulent customers, and vandals.

The Managing Director of JED Plc, Mohammed Gidado Modibo said that the target of the company is to ensure that over one million customers are metered before the end  of the 2018 fiscal year.

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