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Saturday, July 4:

Learning to say nothing spoil is both helpful and can be therapeutic for any commuter who chases after a train and then sees the thing leave the platform as you’re coming up the stairs . That was the spin one had to put on his effort , as he saw the Stratford-bound train move away from platform 4 at Willesden Junction .

Enduring a nine -minute wait wasn’t actually wasted time in the big scheme of things and one didn’t lose a strand of his hair either . In fact, the 07.23 service didn’t take forever to arrive and letting the earlier train go gave yours truly the opportunity to enjoy the scenery .

While on the train itself, one was able to read “Insecurity of lives at Orisumbare,” which Sunday Odiaka, wrote in Nigeria’s Thisday newspaper. Yours truly also enjoyed another Thisday piece :”Odegbami: Nigeria Cannot Produce another Rashidi Yekini with this Environment.” That was former Green Eagles striker, chief Segun Odegbami, reminiscing on the eighth anniversary of one of Nigeria’s most lethal strikers’ death .

Father forgive him: Watch this , a fellow commuter who doubles as a Naija person was quite lousy with his phone conversation on the train. Tell ya what, this dude couldn’t give a hoot that he was neither the only ‘person inside the thing nor that he was not on a chartered ride . What he had going for him was that , as with Saturday services , the thing had loads of empty seats. So , he had the chance to do his thing . At some point, though, another commuter and l exchanged knowledgeable glances . But despite his lack of finesse on the etiquette of commuting , it was obvious he is a people person . In view of that, yours truly had to pray :” Father , forgive him, he knoweth not what he was doing.”

On a final note, one must warn his readers to beware of fare dodgers , and they don’t often warn before lining up behind your back when you’re swiping your Oyster card at the barrier. One of them was right behind my when l was about passing through at Bethnal Green. However, l made him give me space before he then hurled his weight through the gate . But a fellow commuter didn’t know a respectable looking , but fare- dodging fella was at his own back at Ealing Broadway in the evening. Our fare dodger Londoner literally shoved the man forward in order for him to quickly pass through before the barriers closed.

One could hear a station staff saying “you’ll hurt yourself,” but our man didn’t bother waiting , anyway. He legged it onto the high road.

Tunde Oyedoyin

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