Dickson’s prayer: Cult members ‘ll never rule Bayelsa

Gov Dickson

Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson has prayed against being succeeded by a cult member.

He wants the people of the state to reject unGodly any politician aspiring to govern the state after his tenure in 2020.

“No cultist will ascend the seat of power in Bayelsa, none who will initiate our sons or brothers and sisters before they get one patronage or appointments or the other. And that is happening in some states,but it will not be our portion in Jesus Name,” he prayed during the monthly Praise Night for May, in Yenagoa on Thursday night.

The Governor enjoined Bayelsans to ensure that politicians with devilish habit of using political appointments as a bait to lure the people into the destructive fold of cultism are not allowed to have access to political control in the state.

In a statement by his Special Adviser, Media Relations, Mr. Fidelis Soriwei, the Governor was quoted to have called on the people to be vigilant and supportive of his ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and to await the discovery of the leader God Himself had picked to rule the state after him.

He stressed that the person anointed to lead the state is known to God and waiting to be discovered.

Governor Dickson predicted that the contest of the governorship would be be characterized by a lot of trials, temptations and fierceness because of the high price of the state.

He said, “You should be vigilant and support your party and government. Pray for God’s direction. This earth has no power to give what God has not given. The leader God has anointed is there. He is waiting to be discovered.

“Don’t be surprised if the conflict gets fierce. It will get hot before it gets cold. From 2012 to date, they did a lot of things, but we are still standing and counting.

“With your support, no man or woman who subscribes to evil, who does not know what is good, what is godly, shall ascend the throne, no one who initiates our children to cultism will be there.

“So I continue to pray that as we get along this road, there will be a lot of trials, a lot of temptations on the way because the price is high. The price of Bayelsa is very high. So dont be surprised because it will be fierce but I assure you it may get hot before it gets cold. it will get hot but it will get cold and we are used to it.

The Governor also restated his call on the leadership of the PDP to give between 20 and 30 percent of the councillorship positions as well the Rural Development Areas to women and youths.

He said that the women and the youths should be encouraged with political positions as a reward for their wonderful support for the party over the years.

The Governor who commended the men for accepting the proposal added that the state would have the highest number of female councillors this year.

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