Ekiti on lockdown as Eleka, Fayose hold mega rally


Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital was on Thursday on lockdown for the Governor Ayo Fayose and the governorship candidate of the People Democratic Party, (PDP), Professor Olusola Kolapo Eleka as the PDP candidate received the party’s flag from national chairman of the PDP,  Prince Uche Secondus.

PDP supporters from far and near, all members of the party’s National Working Committee, Board of Trustees, serving state governors, former state governors, Presidential aspirants on PDP platform including former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Sule Lamido, Attahiru Bafarawa, Ahmed Makarfi, Governor Ibrahim Dambkwambo, as well as leaders of student’s unions in Ekiti, members of Okada union and  transporters and a huge crowd of Ekiti people rallied round to show huge support for the PDP candidate.

As early as 9am in Thursday they massed around the 1.5 kilometre fly over and caused gridlock on all routes leading to the flyover from any part of the state capital.

Speaking at the rally where a  mammoth crowd had gathered, Secondus, said: “By the glory of God, Ekiti people are very peaceful and we can see the clear demonstration of love for Fayose and in coming governor, Olusola, you won’t vote for herdsmen’s attacks and killings.

“We believe Ekiti state is full of people with highest level of man power and Professors.  Our youths are very strong, innovative and resourceful and not lazy they are future leaders of tomorrow among you there would be governors, ministers and Presidents among others.

” APC is broken, I am here with National Working Committee of the PDP to appreciate you for standing for PDP , as you can see Fayose has worked for Ekiti and the evidence are all over, in the infrastructure development, education and economic advancement.”

” All PDP states are witnessing great developments, these are not  so in APC. PDP is winning and moving forward to rescue our country from economic, and security collapse and all inhuman treatment meted out by APC.  You can see killings in all states , Zamfara, Plateau, and other states.

” APC leaders are not God, we refuse to be intimidated by them.  It is their style to put fear in people, but we refuse to fear.

” If you vote for Fayemi, he will take your land to herdsmen. We are experiencing civil war because of killings. Buhari and APC are behind it.  PDP will rescue this nation from them.  APC is shattered, ask Fayemi, on which of the APC factions’ platform is he contesting.  We have the best candidate for Ekiti.

Speaking after receiving the party’s flag, Olusola said: ‘By the grace of Almighty God, we assure our leaders and Ekiti that we will sustain the good legacies of Fayose, we will improve on it and sustain the legacies. I assure you of adequate security, healthcare, excellent infrastructure, civil service, education enterprises, and  exemplary leadership among others.  Ours is a divine agenda.  It is a divine mission with divine agenda it cannot be conquered NY APC. Congratulations Ekiti, your governor elect is talking.”

Declaring that since 1992, every great infrastructural and developmental projects have been do e by PDP,  Atiku assured the people of the state that the PDP will further bring such development if they voted Olusola, “The people of Ekitii , I have known you since 1992, all the projects completed and taken Ekiti to higher level have been done by  PDP alone. PDP guarantees you good hospital, road,infrastructure, education and many other dividends of democracy, it is time for you to ensure that this administration continues because that is the key to development. What we are doing is a rescue mission, we will bring back peace, security and prosperity of this country. Make sure you vote and stay there till results are announced.

Speaking in the same vein, Makarfi, said: “For me I am very happy to see PDP family giving APC government sleepless night. Three reasons to vote for PDP in Ekiti are, our candidate is a Professor, he is senior to APC’s who is a PhD holder,  Olusola is pastor while Fayemi is merely a church goer, and we know APC is a student while ours is a teacher. We know APC will sack teachers ours will empower our women and promote teachers.”

Another Presidential aspirant, Lamido, said: “In the name of God the compassionate and   we are not here to campaign but to celebrate victory because we known) our candidate is a gobernor elect. One reason is that APC is scattered.Second is that Buhari has left Fayemi’s office vacant which means he knows Fayemi cannot win here.”

Bafawara also said: “I congratulate you Ekiti people, you have a visionary leader in Fayose, who loves you, he is leaving but he has brought somebody who will continue the good works he has been doing. Continuity is very important.

Keep on supporting Fayose and support PDP, with what we have seen today I know by the grace of God we have won. What remains is for you to protect your votes on July 14.”

Also speaking , Fayose who berated the Federal Government for allegedly shutting down Akure Airport, nearest airport for air transport to Ado Ekiti from any part of Nigeria, said such development was a shameful act of political witch hunt.

“Our leaders have spoken, I want to say to you, if you vote for APC, God forbid, you are voting for book Haram and herdsmen attacks.  In PDP we believe in human beings and not touts. INEC we know your plans, you want to rig for APC ,we will follow you bumper to bumper, we know your agenda, that you want to preload smart cards for APC, Ekiti is a no go area. We don’t allow violence in Ekiti. Since, I was governor, no violent or political killings in  Ekiti, it is when you came that such is happening again. whether you go for violence or not come July 14, Olusola will be next governor.

We want to tell the security agencies, 99 percent of officers working for INEC and them on Ekiti poll are not from Ekiti, leave our state for us. I won’t receive Buhari into Ekiti, he has not done anything to deserve such honour.

They have locked up three teachers, since Monday they have been arresting people, don’t join them violence to do violence, don’t allow them to provoke us.

We will give APC 16:0 again, l want to condemn federal government for closing Akure airport and force people coming here to Ekiti to cone through Ilorin airport it is shameful and unleader-like.”


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