Friendly advice to Soyinka, Falana


By Yinka Olujimi

Whoever has access to the right ear of that big grammar-man who calls himself Professor Wole Soyinka should pull it – yes, pull it! – and tell him that we are no longer finding his kurukere dance with felons funny.

The same goes for that Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana, who prides himself as human rights crusader.

People standing trial for treasonable felony for that matter!

Haba! Why would Soyinka and Falana be siding with these criminals against our government of integrity for that matter? Why?

Somebody should tell both of them that we are observing their unholy association with the troublemakers who think that we may be moved by their infantile antics over the detention of that disrespectful boy, Omoyele Sowore.

Did anyone prompt Sowore to put one leg after the other and leave his cozy home in the United States to walk into our trap? If Soyinka and Falana don’t tread softly from now, nobody should blame us for applying the law our own way, the way we have applied it to Sambo Dasuki and Ibrahim El Zakzaky.

We have spared them the Sowore treatment so far only because it is difficult to forget the good roles they played in getting us into government in 2015.

But there is a limit to how long we can accommodate their antics, somebody should tell them!

That Professor Soyinka, with his dogon turanci described our government as suffering from paranoia just because we did what every reasonable person should do when faced with a clear and present threat of losing the candy in his mouth.

Why should we watch Sowore and his band of troublemakers ignite Arab Spring in Nigeria just when Baba was about savouring the landslide victory of his second term election?

That Sowore used his shitty news platform, Saharareporters, to help us discredit that party of looters is not a license for him to snatch the feeding bottle from our mouths now that we are in government – and power!

Tell me, who no like better thing?

Now that Baba is in Aso Rock, enjoying the perks of office – especially first-class medical treatment both home and abroad  at no personal cost to him – and we have our own share of the good life at public expense – should we sit back and watch him snatch our candy?

Wonder of wonders, Falana was able to meet the steep bail conditions set by the court. And he thought that we would therefore allow the demon breathe the air of freedom, so he can disappear to cause more damage abroad?

If Soyinka and Falana fail to toe our line, nobody should blame us when we move like a hurricane against them.

Just because we dispersed the free-Sowore-now protesters with live bullets, Soyinka forgot that he is our man and started writing those long, and winding, sentences against Baba.

He wrote: “It should become abundantly clear by now that civil society organisations, committed to the entrenchment of the rule of law and the defence of fundamental human rights must come together. This is not a new cry. They must meet, debate, and embark on a binding pact of tactical responses whenever these two pillars of civilised society are besieged by the demolition engines of state security agencies.”

Rule of law, my foot!

Falana too has been prancing on stage, using that NGO that he knows that we know he runs to make funny demands from the international community to exert pressure of Baba, the same Baba that he knows needs full medical rest!

All these bloody civilians don’t know that being a born again democrat is no reason for Baba the General to add madness to religion, as the Yoruba would say.

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