Global trademark association topshot, Louembe leads awareness in Nigeria


The Africa and Middle East Representative of the International Trademark Association (INTA), Tat-Tienne Louembe recently visited Nigeria to strengthen technical cooperation with the country.

During the various meetings, the importance of protecting intellectual property and its critical role in boosting economic growth were emphasized.

The discussion also revolved around the necessity to scale up and domesticate initiatives such as the UNREAL Campaign, the organization of the upcoming Roundtable with the Anti-counterfeiting Coalition of Nigeria as well as ways to increase corporate memberships in Nigeria.

This much was confirmed by INTA’s Chair of Africa Global Advisory Council, Lara Kayode who said: “INTA values this partnership and is fully committed to deepen it.”

In his contribution, IPLAN President Femi Olubanwo noted that the meetings were constructive and productive.

Various attendees look forward to closer interaction between INTA and local organizations such as the Nigeria’s local Intellectual  Property Bar Association.

It was noted that a strong Intellectual Property infrastructure has the potential to contribute to Africa’s structural transformation.

Mindful of the countless efforts undertaken by local actors such as IPLAN through its members, INTA has expressed its willingness to foster technical cooperation in awareness programmes and law enforcement activities.


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