Gospel truth from Comrade ‘Mungo Park’


By Yinka Olujimi

The National Chairman of our great party, our much-respected Comrade Adams Oshiomhole must be wondering what was wrong with his statement this week that the Fuhrer has the divine right to rule over Nigeria from any part of the world.

The internet was almost literally set ablaze as people hurled unprintable words at him; the clan of the country’s professional critics almost literally foamed in the mouth. Dear comrade, do not be perturbed, I am with you!

No doubt, such people detest the truth. I have no patience for such nitwits; yes, compound nitwits they are.

Oshiomhole, who led  members of the National Working Committee of the party to a meeting with the Senate leadership, was quoted as saying: “I think by signing the Bill into law at the Nigerian House in London, it shows that where the President is, he is Presiding over Nigeria and with the benefit of modern technology. We have passed the Mungo Park era.”

Yes, I agree. We are in a forward-ever, political milieu.

Pray, were the implacable critics in Mars when, not too long ago, a former Attorney General of that party of locusts – which spent 16 years in office doing nothing– Michael Andoakaa,  said exactly the same thing about Umaru Musa Yar’Adua?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Yes, we wrested power from that bad party on the promise of change; that we would do things differently. But, have you ever seen a man give worms to fish after catching it?  Weren’t they supposed to know that campaign pledges are a bait to catch voters, not food to keep them alive?

Dear Comrade, do not be perturbed by the antics of naysayers, I repeat.

What is the big deal in the Chief of Staff Abba Kyari carrying files to meet our hardworking President at his second official residence in London, even while the Fuhrer – do not be alarmed, the Fuhrer simply means “leader” – is on a private visit to colonial Britain?

How more hardworking can a president be? And, shouldn’t we be thankful for having such a dedicated and energetic general at this point in our national history?


Vice President (Academics)

If you are still in doubt that the Sword of Damocles is hanging over the head of Professor Yemi Osinbajo in this Next Level government, ask yourself why the low-level Kano State official who on the 24th day of September called him “Vice President (Academics)” has not faced any form of censure.

You may also want to know where the alleged certificate forger,  Okoi Obono-Obla, got the effrontery to accuse the Vice President of – irony of all ironies – compromising the anti-corruption “war” of President Muhammadu Buhari, putting a lie to the One-Presidency mantra of the ruling government.

It you are still in doubt – that the hawks are gathering, waiting to feast on him – then you may consider where admittedly hateful former chieftain of the reigning All Progressives Congress (APC) Timi Frank got the effrontery to claim that the star-boy of the administration took a whopping N90 billion from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for illicit use during the last general election.

To the threat by the Vice President to institute legal proceedings, the unshaken Frank pointedly told him: Bring it on! Surprisingly, Pastor-turned-full-time politician Osinbajo is yet to make good his threat.

Add to it the reported order for the relocation of Osinbajo’s aides from Aso Rock to anywhere in the Federal Capital Territory, the reported filleting, layer by layer, of his staff number, 35 of whom are now said to face imminent sack, then you will know that there truly is fire on the mountain.

The President who used to advertise his love for Osinbajo in the administration’s first term, by handing over the reins of power to the deputy, conveniently forgets to toe that line again.

And – wonders of all wonders – Chief of Staff Abba Kyari now carries national files from Abuja to London for presidential assent to a bill!

You begin to remember that there has been no official reprimand, either at the state level, or from the Presidency, of Salihu Tanko Yakassai, the director-general, media and communication of the Kano State government who took to twitter to publicly derobe the Vice President.

While the monarchical President Buhari is enjoying his “private” visit to the United Kingdom at public expense, Kyari took the onshore bill to him for signing. You must wonder why the indecent haste, and the rationale of the Kyari trip. What is the legal implication of signing a Nigerian law abroad? What is wrong with waiting for him to return to the country before signing it?

When fears were raised that he was being given the Atiku treatment immediately after Buhari secured his second term desire, Osinbajo derisively laughed it off. He threw a jab at detractors in the opposition camp for allegedly  seeking to sow seeds of discord between him and Buhari, his “father”.

As acting President during the first term, Osinbajo was virtually everything that Buhari failed to be: while the President prevaricated on almost all issues that came before him for a decision, including the naming of cabinet, Osinbajo was sharp and decisive.

Recall the swift axing of former DSS boss Lawan Daura for plotting the invasion of the National Assembly, the introduction of monetary policies that strengthened the naira against the dollar, somewhat, from about N560 to N360.

Or the physical inspection of projects, particularly toilet facilities at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, among several other actions while President Buhari was away from the country.

Will Osinbajo be axed, dragged on the streets as those Born To Rule have no further use for him? We wait. We watch.

*First published in the Sun on 9th September 2019

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