I’m just first among equals in Senate, says Saraki


Senate President Bukola Saraki has reaffirmed that the upper legislative chamber is not a one-man show, but an assemblage of people with mutual respects and sense of responsibility.

That spirit of unity, according to him, in a statement he issued on Friday morning, is largely responsible for the success rate of the Assembly so far.

In another statement, late on Thursday, he restated the need for a private-sector-led economy.

He wrote: “Many people misunderstand the Senate. Many people say that it is the President of the Senate that has done this or done that. Everything that we do here is done collectively. I am just a first among equals. However, I will humbly say that I have been able to win the support of all my colleagues.”

Saraki stated further: “This because I have been able to win their confidence with the way I think about leadership — it is always about the`we’, not about the`me’. In this way, we continue to move forward together –working on behalf of all Nigerians.”

On his view about how to position the economy, he wrote: “I have this strong view that government alone cannot fully-fund infrastructure projects. We need to have the participation of the private sector.”

He also stated: “Let’s get the private sector to take over the funding of expensive infrastructure. This is done in many parts of the world. In this way, government funding can focus on the social services sectors like providing education for our young people and healthcare coverage for everyone.”

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