Jesus will return through Nigeria –Yomi Peters


Sensational juju musician, Yomi Peters, who is the creator of juju shuffle, and co-creator of Shina Peters’ afro juju sound, has disclosed that Jesus Christ will return to the world through Nigeria.

Speaking with Morning Mail, Peters said Nigeria’s problems, both currently and from time immemorial, are all due to the fact that the country is destined to be very great and so it must go through tribulations to achieve the greatness.

According to him, Nigeria is so great that even the Lord Jesus Christ has chosen it as the country through which he will return to the world so the devil is not happy about this and is doing its level best to destroy the country in order to ambush plans by Jesus.

Peters said Nigeria has been ordained as the second greatest country in the world after America and if not for the devil’s interference, that’s the way it would be right now.

He insisted that Nigeria was destined to be greater than Europe and Asia and that when America eventually loses its spot as the world’s greatest country, Nigeria will take over it.

He advised Nigerians not to lose faith in the country, saying that the future is extremely bright, and that if he didn’t believe in the country, he would not have returned after spending 10 years in America.

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