Lagos to demolish buildings on Lekki flood path


By Benjamin Omoike

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, at the weekend, said he will demolish all the massive structures illegally built on road alignments in Lekki causing flooding in that axis.

The governor, who dangled the axe after undertaking a tour of Lekki regional roads and alignments in that area, blamed the excessive flooding which submerged so many houses, destroying property worth billions of Naira on the illegality.

He described the haphazard development on the Lekki corridor as shameful, saying no responsible government would fold its hands and allow it’s built environment to be distorted with illegal structures and mini developments.

Obviously not pleased with the haphazard development in Brownstone Estate, he said, “This alignment is called Lekki Regional Road. It is meant to be a relief access road to the Lekki -Epe Expressway. Where we are now, is our major place of concern. This is where people have completely bastardized the right of way, where people have built structures around this place first without approval. More importantly on our right of way on the relief Regional way that would ease traffic that would ensure that people can commute from one part of the Lekki regional part to the other parts.

“We are going to instruct the Ministry of Physical Planning, first, to come and ask and seek for their building approval, the one that do not have, we will mark these buildings for demolition. We will need to ask them which alternative they want to give us. What alternative are they going to provide for us.”

Sanwo-Olu said the builders of structures such as: The Ridge Terrace, and buildings on Suliman Galadima Street in Brownstone Estate, located in Lekki area of the state displayed high level of irresponsibility, saying the government was not pleased with their actions.

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