Mary Kay’s top. exec, others, give tips on business growth

Mary Kay Cosmetics multiple-award winning executive, Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Ozua and leadership expert , Dayo Olomu,  and others gave budding entrepreneurs the blueprint of successfully launching out in business without quitting one’s day job, over the weekend.
Speaking at the Holiday Inn (Westfield , Stratford ) venue of the event on Saturday, Olomu, told attendees that their talents and passions were the indicators of the businesses they could venture into while still working for others as employees .
Ozua, the  U.K national sales marketing director of the global cosmetics brand , told the budding entrepreneurs to start their businesses with family and friends so as to “build confidence and hone their skills.”
A former transport for London project manager , Ozua , who spoke on “finding and retaining customers,” said she joined Mary Kay over 20 years ago with the sole aim of “earning extra cash,”  while supporting her doctor-husband and raising their -then -two young children. She noted that in terms of when to quit the day job and launch out fully in business,  they themselves will know .
Continuing, she said: “I knew when l felt confident enough to start , nobody will tell you.”
But  she was quick in  warning them to do their homework properly before quitting their jobs . Ozua also highlighted importance of customer service , describing it as both the entrepreneur’s “calling card,” which  she said :”is  essential to build trust,”  and it also helps:”generate your own brand awareness.”
Keye  Oduneye, who combines running his own bespoke men’s fashion label with earning extra bucks as a digital marketing expert for the global search engine, Google , also chipped in from his repertoire of knowledge.
He urged the budding entrepreneurs that having a 9-5 job helps  in being disciplined with a work routine before launching out into the uncertainty of starting a business. He also stressed the need for them to identify their customers as their business won’t be “made for everyone.”
That , he said , helps them “create a niche,” market for themselves just as he did .

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