Nigeria’s problems shouldn’t stop your success — Mursty Adinoyi


Mursty Adinoyi, producer-presenter of the award-winning TV programme, Hitlist N Cruzin, has said that Nigeria’s problems should not prevent anyone from being successful.

Using himself as an example, he said, “One of my challenges is air time. The weekly air time we use for HNC, we pay heavily for it on all the channels we are. So we have a lot of innovations to add to HNC but we don’t have enough time to do so now.”

HNC is basically about celebrating Nigerians by taking them on a shopping spree all paid for by HNC when they answer a question on the programme.

Saying he desires to celebrate more than just one Nigerian every week, he continued that “the acceptance, the love that Nigerians are showing us these days after watching us on AIT Network and other channels is spurring us to do more, but we’re limited because of funds. But we pray God Almighty will make things better for us so we’ll be able to touch every part, every region of the country.

“So if we had more air time, we’ll be able to celebrate more Nigerians all over the country and also execute all our other ideas. If any of the TV stations calls us and says we’ll give you more air time, do more and give us a daily show, we can do it and then we’ll be able to do more. But right now, we don’t really have enough time for all the ideas we have on ground. We’re just waiting for the better time to unveil them all.”

And on how he feels that he’s brimming with ideas he’s unable to implement because Nigeria is a country that doesn’t allow people actualize their ideas, he rose valiantly to his beloved country’s defence.

“One thing is this, there’ll always be barriers in anything one wants to do. But what I also understand is when you keep on moving, before you know it, you’ll achieve it. To get to where we are today, it wasn’t on a platter of gold. We had to work hard both day and night. So other plans that we have, we’ll just keep on working and believing in what we’re doing and we’ll achieve them. Nothing good comes easy, so never let Nigeria’s problems stop you from being successful.”

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