Nzeako, Imo’s ex-guber aspirant, moves to outclass Skype, Whatsapp


A two-time governorship aspirant in Imo State, Sir Jude Nzeako, has thrown his hat into  the mobile telecommunications ring with the launch of both an international calling card, Breeze, and an app – Whizz app- which is said to be as good as Skype and  Whatsapp.

Speaking during the launching of both in Stratford on Thursday, Nzeako who contested for the office of Governor in 2007 and 2011, said that his primary motivation is to stop those already in the business from ripping off Nigerians and other Africans, through their exorbitant charges.

Coupled with this is the desire to bring an affordable means of communicating with loved ones at home to Africans in the diaspora.

“We realise that the core market is being dominated by companies who are not Africans,” he told newsmen during the interactive session that followed the modest launching of about two hours.

“That’s the mission we – and his Asian business partners – want to achieve  with this,” he said.

Besides, ” we also realise that apart from  these -already in the business – companies not originating from Africa or owned by Africans , they are ripping off,” Nigerians and other Africans who patronise their businesses by buying the calling cards  .

Continuing, he said , “what we’re doing – now-  is to go to the market and  compete effectively,” and  then “plough back some of the profits to help some of the seriously deprived people in various West African countries, including Nigeria. Asked how long it took from conception to reality m Nzeako, said :” We started this about ten months ago.”

In terms of the reach of  the calling card, the former gubernatorial aspirant noted: “we’re  global,” and that “once you have the network, you might want to settle for certain routes .”

He was quick to point out that : “I have network in a few African countries that belong to me now.” But: “we now partner to share routes with others wherever the market is,  and that’s where we hope  to concentrate at the moment.

” Even though he’s in business for profit, Nzeako, still emphasised the fact that :”I like to make sure that my Nigerian brothers and sisters make cheap calls,” and that :”If you must call Nigeria, this must be the cheapest card,” noting also that “this is  what I want to achieve. After -achieving -that,” he then hopes to replicate this formula in “Ghana, Sierra Leone , and other West African countries .

When asked how he will compete against established names like Talk Home and Lyca in the UK, the politician-turned- businessman replied: “Our rate to Nigeria  is 12p, per minute ,” while Talk Home  charges higher.  Lyca , though, charges customers 12p as well  for every minute’s call to Nigeria. Nzeako,  promised that “if they sell at that rate , I will sell less,” especially “because it’s an African country.”

Asked to explain the reason for naming the app “Whizz app,” he replied, saying,:” That’s what God put in me.”

In terms of its availability and competitiveness , “he told newsmen , “It’s available in Google play and Apple store .” Moe importantly , ” It can offer you what Skype and whatsapp can give you and once you have it, you don’t need to download anything.”


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