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Name Position Dimension(pixels) Rate per month VAT (5%) Total
Maxi Banner Beside Logo 600X90 275,625.00 13,781.25 289,406.25
Lead Banner Beside Logo 460X90 211,316.18 10,565.81 221,881.99
Full Banner Beside Logo 460X60 140,899.50 7,044.98 147,944.48
Medium Banner Beside Logo 270X90 124,141.50 6,207.75 130,348.25
Maxi Banner Under Editorial Items 600X90 145,602.77 7,280.14 152,882.91
Lead Banner Under Editorial Items 460X90 111,628.13 5,581.40 116,999.53
Full Banner Under Editorial Items 460X60 74,418.75 3,720.93 78,139.68
Medium Banner Under Editorial Items 270X90 65,521.58 3,276.08 68,797.66
Half Banner Under Editorial Items 230X60 57,635.12 2,881.76 60,516.96
Square Board Under Editorial Items 250X250 130.183.20 6,509.16 136,692.36
Skyscraper Under Editorial Items 250X600 138,865.00 6,943.25 145,808.25
Leader Board Under Editorial Items 525X100 75,940.00 3,797.00 79,737.00
Text Link Under Editorial Items Maximum of 24 Words 24,806.25 1,240.31 26,046.56


NNN.COM.NG is a portal where you can read latest Nigeria News from all Nigeria Newspapers such as such as Punch, Vangaurd, Daily Times, Thisday, Guardian, Nation, Leadership and more in one place. NNN aggregates Naija News and sort them according to their sources, category and relevance as a way of reducing the effort a news reader needs to put in to reading breaking news in Nigeria and across the world.