Police tasks Ekiti residents to report unscrupulous officers

Nigeria Police Force

The Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU) of the Nigeria police on Monday established its presence in Ekiti State to begin a week long confidence building interactions with all electoral stakeholders, communities, organisations and corporate bodies among others to assure people of level playing ground before, during and after the election.

Head of PCRRU, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Abayomi Shogunle, who addressed newsmen at the Correspondents chapel in Ado Ekiti on Monday, said he was directed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, to create the awareness about the operations of the PCRRU.

Explaining the purpose for the establishment of the unit by the Nigeria police since 2015, Shogunle said: the PCRRU is a unit of the Nigerian Police Force  set up to address issues which the public are not satisfied with. Such issues regarding corrupt practices, unlawful victimisation of people and other unethical activities of the police.

” You can make a complaint to us about anything you are dissatisfied with. We  operate 24 hours daily  for the public.

” The Inspector General of Police has sent me to carry out a series of confidence-building interactions with stakeholders, public organisations, religious and other social bodies, especially as it concerns the July 14 poll.

Speaking further, he said: ” There are perceptions people have about the police, we are anticipatory of what people think , this necessitated the need to talk to all to let them know that the Nigeria Police Force will remain neutral before during and after the July 14 poll.

” We are allowing  a level playing ground for all parties such that it is the people who would decide the next governor of the state.  We are meeting with schools, market women , civil servants, corporate bodies and others.

“I am also meeting with all police officers from all the divisions in the state to read the riot Act to them and give the  IG’s message on professional conduct before, during and after poll. We also want the public to be aware that they can call us and complain and it will be attended to,  we have past records of dismissals of officers who were found to be corrupt.

Shogunle who revealed the modus operandi of the PCRRU further and specific information anyone complaining must supply, said: “We also want members of the public who have reported about SARS to report about victims, nature of incident and where such corrupt practices happen. We are distributing pamphlets to disseminate this information.

” This unit was established on November 12, 2015, since then, no single case of anyone who has given a complaint that has threat to his life or being intimidated by the police thereafter.

“That goes to say that identity of informants are treated with confidentiality. But you must prove your allegations according to the dictates of the law. You must show yourself to us who are protecting you. The date, time and place of incident and a traceable victim concerning the matter being reported are very germane, ” he said.

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