Raufu’s Valedictory Soaked In Oyinlola’s Polemics


By Opele Delphi

Oyinlola spoke at the Osogbo campaign ground on Wednesday. He neither shocked anyone by brilliance nor disappointed listeners by familiar doltishness. Oyinlola’s speeches since emerging on this polity never once never covered him in glory.

The import of public speaking is lost on this generation of politicians. They do not prepare for it. They, somehow believe that whatever drops from their mouths are pebbles of gold. Even the horde which feed on Obafemi Awolowo’s grave fail to honour the sage in at least voicing intelligence to the crowd. It is shameful, but we have learnt not to expect a miracle from them.

This is a generation which listened to the great Zik speak. They listened to Akintola omo olode aga. If they were still thick then, they could not have missed the Cicero of Esa Oke, Bola Ige of a marvelous memory. Do they not hear Wole Soyinka speak, and you want to scoop his lyrics with your morsel and feed?

I think all this boils down to education, and what you do with it. We have come to bear the burden of literate, but uneducated leadership, and it is killing this polity. Capture, rig and roast, Garrison commander, Do or die etc. This is the theme of their day. This is the legacy they bequeath to tomorrow. These total profligates, would not wreck treauries and rest, they would also enthrone profligacy on our vital abstracts. A grand waste of our cultural storage in their puerile representations.

Oyinlola has a penchant for amplifying his bankruptcy. He went wild as governor of Osun State, tangling Professor Wole Soyinka on a UNICEF business in Osun. Here was a military murderer, strayed into governance, feigning intelligence disputation with a Wole Soyinka!

It was enough to silence this “man” forever in our presence. But election desperados, who wined, dined with and wore the Laureate as cloth for undeserved honour, would go and scoop their vomit. The limits of immorality is an easy step for them to cross. Nothing counts before an electoral edge.
It is a lesson for us who vote. We whose skins did not rub theirs even before Ebola forbade sterile romances. The prof gave these scabs a day in the sun. He endured taint. He was sullied by their brigandage. He retreated in silence, from their mix.

Yet, they never bothered to bid him back with an alteration of their despicable conduct. So, they keep his lustre in perpetual retreat from their stenchdom. Which is welcome. Raising Olagunsoye Oyinlola up before us is not only a re-triggering of our prior loaded and perking repugnance, it is a further affront to our collective taste and sensitivity. But, could they do more than this?

Olagunsoye Oyinlola, ran this same Raufu Aregbesola out of Osogbo in a hail of live bullets and dead missiles. Does Aregbesola think it was an exclusive attack on him, on his small inconsequential frame? That the rest of the indigenes of Osun state had no part in that armed pursuit of the ballot? Or that four years in the governor’s office entitled him to an assumption of a generalissimo over our fate, such that if he said this sordid absorption was okay, then, it held ?

All over Osun state, Oyinlola traveled with a belt of bullets and killers in tow, to mow down anyone he judged against his election fortune, and packed them into Hilux open-hearse like dead fishes. It was on camera for the world to see the shame of man.

Raufu Aregbesola, and his wagoners presented an evidence of a rotten cut from a human’s anatomy in court before he became governor ! It was on Oyinlola’s compliments.

His murderous politics has easily sponged off Raufu’s memory now, because he would take friends from hell, just to return to the governor’s office for four more years. What about our regrets that Oyinlola was ever thrusted up in our midst? What about the reigning pains of the families and loved ones of the men he killed in those drunken orgies? They were beneath the price Raufu would pay to remain governor?

Oyinlola was a military administrator in Lagos state when Kudirat Abiola was murdered by Rogers Mshelia. The murder’s execution was perfected in Oyinlola’s office under his superintendence. Oyinlola in his time manned Lagos for Sani Abacha in that plague.

No one voted Oyinlola into office as governor of Osun state. Obasanjo, palm kernels and cashew nuts did. That was why his first homage on the podium went to his mentor, Olusegun Obasanjo. Somehow, the hallucination of Obasanjo’s Yoruba grandeur in Oyinlola’s mind is ingrained in indelible strokes.

He spoke of Jonathan’s attempt to reduce Obasanjo to nothing. From what? A substance has to be of a particular quantity before it would be reduced to anything. Obasnjo, in this place, which includes his own Egba frontage, has never been anything but nothing. Every election before and after his presidency said so. What is this fresh blab as if real events were sheer reverie.

We do not argue the General’s eminence in their barracks (Sani Abacha argued it by flinging him into detention, and Oyinlola did not resign in protest). We do not contest Obasanjo’s international designation as awarded by his global users. We do not dispute his importance as the caliphate’s western frontier’s overseer. But we view strongly, any insinuation that a man we continually voted out of prominence in our midst was anything but a floor member.

However, the trend is playing into focus gradually. The muscle to restore the caliphate by its principal cronies in the south-west is flexing. The instrument of the moment is deafness and dumbness. They do not hear the northern bombs. They do not see the bodybags returning to the south. They are on a mission to restore their lords. We understand this type of rare amnesia.

Oyinlola said all those accused of killing Bola Ige were now Jonathan’s friends. He mentioned Omisore’s travail and detention. He asked if ” all of us should now go to prison before we become anything?”

If this came from a streaming mind, one would have labelled it an unkind cut. But it issued from another type of mind you could not accused of fluidity. Obasanjo, whom Oyinlola just finished praising as our landlord, came from Abacha’s prison to become president. Abubakar Atiku and Ibrahim Babangida, who brought him out, spruced him up and dumped him into the more glorious presidential prison, are today, among his worst enemies. Some people would call it ingratitude. That jive about coming from prison to be anything is an assinine exhaust. Nelson Mandela came from prison to become the greatest human being of this century, so far.

But who killed Bola Ige? Let us forget for a moment that the courts had acquitted Prince Iyiola Omisore. Where would we place Ige’s death? It hangs on the neck of a treacherous friend in Otta. Oyinlola’s lofty lord. Ige’s death is so far from Omisore, real human beings would marvel at the fabricated nexus.

Did anyone hear Ige’s true friends? Did we listen to the son of his loins? Did the people of this country countenance how many people were murdered, assassinated under the Obasanjo regime? Has anyone taken cognizance of the sudden cessation of the killing sensation since Obasanjo went away? Oyinlola knows more than he lets, about the death of Bola Ige. He also knows Omisore had no part in it. But those who could not excel at fisticuff often employ Suarez tactics. Just like a waning Tyson.

It is only in a comatose society like this you could witness the likes of Oyinlola mount a rostrum to campaign and have some people listen. The rostrum itself is not just a wooden contraption. It is a sacred piece where you show up to exhibit probity and voice oath to public spiritual cleanness. The oath kills in bits, but its efficacy is assured.

Oyinlola and his new-found friend, Raufu, must remember Alabi Okoju, the Gbongan financier of Aregbesola’s Oranmiyan group, who was murdered by Oyinlola’s troops? Gbongan has not forgotten.

Oyinlola speaks of killing ? He served Sani Abacha and Olusegun Obasanjo. The two bloody reigns which sequenced almost seamlessly, had Oyinlola as a major participant. No one knows the actual figure of the souls Abacha halted. No one knows how many died during Obasanjo’s violent period. No one knows how many of those executions were detailed to Oyinlola’s desk as MILAD. No one knows how many of the murders in Obasanjo’s time, Oyinlola was privy to.

When Abacha was mercifully “appled” away, we thought life had returned, but Obasanjo’s regime saw more murders than the regime of Abacha, by far. I began thinking long ago that this was a soldiers’ thing. The deaf and dumb is quick to a punch. The only tactics a soldier knows is hidden in the trigger of his gun.

When Yar’Adua Umoru/Goodluck Jonathan came, it suddenly dropped on me that all those high profile murders had stopped ! The blood suckers had retreated once more. Oyinlola would need to do more than throw insinuations.

1. Marshal Harry
2.Aminosoari Dikibo
3.Andrew Agom
4.Ayo Daramola
5.Bola Ige.
Just a few of the murders during Obasanjo/Oyinlola’s PDP days.
Olagunsoye Oyinlola himself was Military Administrator of Lagos State from 1993 to 1996. This is a list of some of the human beings murdered under his watch :
1.Babatunde Elegbede May 5, 1994.
2.Lekan Owolabi 1995
3.Tunde Ashafa Jun 11, 1995
4.Alfred Rewane Oct. 6 , 1995
5.David Izegwere 1995
6.Kayode Awosanya 1996
7.Mrs. Abiola Tajudeen Feb 9, 1996
8.Alh. Sama Kano April 8, 1996
9.Adm. Olu Omotehinwa May 22, 1996
10.Irene Obodo Jun 1996
11.KUDIRAT ABIOLA June 4, 1996 ( UAD accused Oyinlola of being a conspirator)
12.Adejola Balogun Jun, 15, 1996
13.Esther Tejuoso Sept. 19, 1996
14. Toyin Onagoruwa Dec. 1996.

Are we to assume that Oyinlola was absolutely oblivious of these killings which all happened right under his nose as administrator of Lagos State? Or that he was simply administering treachery according to his orders?

The new conspiracy in town is one between the ACN whose nose was bloodied by the Oyinlolas of our time ; The ACN, we thought had an inkling about political leadership, and their new inmates in the APC, who were responsible for hundreds of other murders.

The role of the voter in Osun State, is to think deep and reflect on this Oyinlola gambit and the Yoruba position as events unfold in Nigeria. We are a huge part of the South-West. We refuse to be shoved around as unequal partners in the Nigerian project. The ACN has displayed ineptitude by an advertised preference for their individual profit over the south-west’s corporate political gain. They are no longer worthy of these positions.

So many people of Yoruba and Igbo extractions have been killed in the north by the so-called Boko Haram, as if these killings were a new phenomenon. We need to de-emphasize the Oyinlolas and Aregbesolas in our political reckoning as a people. They are lightweights, but tangible enough parcels to wrap and post to their father-figures as our unequivocal rejection of returning into that northern servitude, which the APC represents and slaves after.

After Osun state is recovered from them, we proceed to another state until they could no longer breathe these airy boasts as the political lords of Yorubaland, whereas, they are a bunch of treasury looters, who rudely revel in insulting our elders, as Oyinlola insulted Wole Soyinka, and Tinubu wiped his mouth on the sleeves of our Kabiyesis.

This is the season of Osun shengeshe olooya iyun,
Awede wemo,
Awede werisa.

Let the skies tear and drop,
Let her bosom swell.
Let her votary Maid sway,
And let Yeye flood away our troubles,
Along with these tormentors,
Who blood the soil,
Lie to us,
And seek to resell us into northern servitude.

Culled: http://nigeriapulse.com/raufus-valedictory-soaked-in-oyinlolas-polemics-opele-delphi/

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